Over the last few months, a lot of customers and new employees have asked us, “How does ShaleApps think so big, out of the box, and innovate so quickly?”

The traditional answer is that we hire great people. These great people build great teams, and these great teams work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day across the world, and often on national holidays.

However, hiring great people who are relentless to build a high-performance team is much easier said than done. This post shares insight in how we assemble pioneers who have the psychological skills needed to overcome adversity, ambiguity, and skepticism to digitally transform an industry.

Digitization Needs Good Talent, but Digital Transformation Needs Great Talent

In digitizing an industry, the difference between good and great talent is close to 2x. This is because digitization is simply taking a manual process and making it electronic. There is no step of reimagining how things are done, or how the industry works. In essence, there is very little innovation required.

However, in the digital transformation of an industry, the difference is more than 10x between good and great talent. This is due to the significant levels of insight and innovation required to fundamentally rethink an industry's value chain and unleash untapped value. 

If Necessity is the Mother of Innovation, How do You Find Pioneers in Societies of Abundance? 

We all, in America, are very fortunate to live in a highly developed & economically well-off country where abundance is the norm, and the current job market (especially for software engineers) is very lucrative. This leads to a recruiting challenge where most software engineers can make a very comfortable living without the effort necessitated by a mission-driven company like ours. 

Great People Don’t Respond to “How” or “What” – They Respond to “Why”

Most people know what they do, and how they do it. However, they very rarely know the why behind what they do! Without knowing the why, it’s impossible to answer why our people:

  • work such relentless hours

  • sacrifice their personal and precious time with their families

  • have such a high pain threshold to be relentless to achieve the impossible

  • innovate and execute so quickly

Our “Why” is Intrinsic to our Culture

An organization’s why cannot be faked or bought, but must be ingrained in the company’s DNA. No matter how good the company’s strategy, culture will always "eat strategy for breakfast."

For ShaleApps, this means that our innovation and relentless speed cannot be merely a strategy, but must be a fundamental part of our culture. In order to maintain this culture, we developed this philosophy of a “one-two” punch.

Punch One: Our Mission gives us Purpose

Since culture is critical to building a relentless team, we only hire people who are fully invested in our mission of Accelerating the Evolution of Mankind. This creates a cyclic reaction that reinforces our mission, and gives our team all the psychological skills needed for transformational innovation.

  • When you find purpose in a mission, you end up doing what you love.

  • Doing something you love creates passion in what you do.

  • That passion allows you to succeed by making tangible progress towards your purpose.

  • That success creates a chemically induced feeling in you that releases endorphins (runners high) and dopamine (feeling of fulfillment).

  • That fulfillment reaffirms the value in your life, and makes you realize that you matter, and you are making an impact in this world.

  • This reaffirmation strengthens your psychology to continue to pursue your purpose.


Punch Two: Our Nutrition Facts give us Velocity

In order to Digitally Transform an industry, speed is the name of the game. You have to drastically leap-frog incumbents and continuously innovate or risk being disrupted by a faster and more innovative competitor.

This requires a certain caliber of individual who possesses the capability to move quickly and innovate in situations of extreme uncertainty. Hence, our team members go through intensive vetting to ensure fit with the Psychology, Competence and Diversity criteria of our "Nutrition Facts".

Pioneers experience a very high level of adversity and ambiguity when digitally transforming an industry. Our "Nutrition Facts" enable us to assemble high-performance teams of talented pioneers who have the ability to innovate at phenomenal speed.

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Interested in Accelerating the Evolution of Mankind? Join Us

One of the benefits on our "Nutrition Facts" has always been to give more than we take from the United States of America! If you feel our one-two punch resonates with your personal values, join our mission as a team member, partner, or customer.