Our vision is to revolutionize logistics of payload, equipment, and personnel in Oil & Gas.



We develop a platform of Mobile Apps that use Artificial Intelligence to optimize logistics of payload, equipment, and personnel, across drilling, completion, and production phases of Oil & Gas assets.



Logistics of payload, equipment, and personnel is a huge chunk of CAPEX & OPEX for E&Ps and service vendors. Our vision is to unleash untapped value by increasing the efficiency of Oil & Gas logistics.

Our technology platform makes a material difference in North America by enhancing our position as an efficient swing producer globally.



ShaleApps is funded by Golden Gate Capital, a $15 billion private equity firm based in San Francisco, California, as well as investments made by the senior management team.

Our team is laser focused on innovating and executing our vision and embody the key characteristics of Psychology, Competence, and Diversity shown in our "Nutrition Facts".

Our "Nutrition Facts"


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